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Internet Marketing

Internet is undoubtedly the biggest contemporary way to gather information about anything under the sun. Internet marketing, in fact, is the cheapest and the most effective way to promote ones product or service on a global scale. There are many ways to do the Internet marketing but no spamming it is the worst and unauthentic means. We always believe that opt-in lists or the permission to use the email for sending promotional data is the best way contact prospective customers.

Our team of professionals is the best at understanding the crux of Internet marketing and applies their exquisite skills effectively in all walks of marketing strategies online.

A major source of revenue on the internet is advertising. The more number of times a customer hits on your link, the more revenue you get set to generate from it. Therefore, the job of any good SEO organization is to make sure that your link appears among the top thirty in the search engine pages. This is where our role comes in. We give you the best SEO, so as to keep you on the top.

Our effectual SEO campaign can boost your website to the top of the \'organic\' or \'natural\' search results on Google, MSN and Yahoo. Our web based marketing services also allow you to analyze statistics instantly and hence save a lot of your time that otherwise went into post-marketing research and analysis.

Our Search Engine Optimisation process consists of the following:

  1. Site analysis
  2. Keyword pages optimisation
  3. Competitor Research
  4. Website Redesigning
  5. Copy Writing
  6. Search Engine Submission
  7. Link Building
  8. Directory Submission
  9. Social networking
  10. Monitoring and feedback

In modern days concept there are two phases in which it can be categorized on the basis of their work.

E-mail Marketing One of the important forms of Internet marketing is e-mail marketing. It is important in email marketing to be absolutely excused from the spam identity. Our email marking service is designed in such a way that you will get noticed immediately.

With the help of our skilled content writers we develop content, attractive headline and persuasive copy in an HTML or text format that will prompt your readers to take action.

Elementz provides the lot that your email marketing campaign requires. With the focus on your business needs and your product & services, we can customise our services to suit your ambition and financial plan.

A. Initial Marketing through Advertising:

In this we would use a successful method of search engine placement. This phase will include:

1. Paid submissions to Major Search Engines

2. Paid Banner Promotions on high traffic websites

3. Sponsored Word Link Promotion

B. Increasing traffic to websites-mail Marketing:

In the second stage we will be working out devising a traffic generating internet marketing campaign, we look closely at your site to see who is currently visiting, where they are coming from, how long they are staying at your site for amongst many other factors. We then look at your product in the marketplace and develop profiles of key groups of people who should be visiting your site.


Google Adword Services

We have a passion of proving effective Google Adwords services to all size of businesses. Our efficiently embattled Google Adword campaign can bring you large volumes of visitors looking for your products or services. Our Google Adword pay per click (PPC) campaign provides a successful and reasonable internet marketing campaign which in turn improves your online marketing ROI.

Our process of Google Adword campaign starts with setting up an internet marketing account, research of your website and analysing the keywords that is relevant to your business, administering bids on an hourly basis and tracking visitor clicks and conversion rate.

Web Application Development

Database design and programming 81%
Database integration63%
Dynamic page creation 85%
Developing web interface for data entry90%
Create custom site engine90%
Add features to or modify existing script90%