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Companies see VirtualStaffing as an opportunity to expand their business. If you have a limited recruiting budget, then Virtual Staffing is right for you. For example, if you are planning on recruiting a programmer based in the US. You could hire 2 programmers for the same cost based offshore (savings may vary based on your requirements). Your virtual team act as dedicated employees and report directly to your project manager. This means that you have complete control of your team & the development/support process. As a service provider we are constantly monitoring the performance levels of your team to ensure a constant level of high quality.

With Virtual Staffing you now have opportunity to focus on your core business to achieve higher growth rates. With larger profits and more funds at your disposal, you could then be in a better position increase the number of employees based in the US & expand your operation. Your competitors could already be doing it, so don’t wait. With us as a trusted partner, you can ‘stay ahead of the competition’.

Your own team in India

• Reduce manpower costs by up to 70%
• Gain access to a large, highly skilled labour pool
• Leverage our experience to optimize your operations
• Regain your focus, gain agility and flexibility
• Grow your business in a smart way

How it works

Step 1: You send us your requirement, which clearly states the qualifications & years of experience for your new recruit(s).

Step 2: We will first check to see if we currently have any employees that are available and are not working on any other project. If there are no employees available, we will make a quick assessment of the market availability of the person you wish to recruit.

Step 3: We will furnish you with a quote based on your requirements. The quote will be the monthly price/person with a minimum 1 year contract. Prices will typically be 50% less than the cost of hiring in the US. Work shifts will be determined at this stage.

Step 4: After you confirm the rate, we then start the recruiting process. You may choose to be involved in the interviewing process, if you wish.

Step5: If an employee accepts the offer, please expect 30-45 days before he/she joins your offshore team. This is because the law requires that employees give a min 30 day notice to their employers before leaving. However, your billing period will only start from the day he/she joins your offshore team.

Virtual Staffing

Reduce manpower costs 63%
Highly skilled labour pool 85%
Our experience to optimize your operations 90%
Regain your focus, gain agility and flexibility 90%
Grow your business in a smart way 81%