Why Elementz

Elementz IT Solutions was established with the objective of providing professional quality software services. We aim in developing value-added Software solutions for companies of any scale. We also provide industry level testing/QA services for medium to large-scale web applications. Our primary aim is to provide trouble-free and future-proof technology to our trusted Clients. To ensure this, we strictly follow the most up-to-date industry recommended standards in all our business processes. This also helps us to easily extend our solutions to other languages and platforms as required by the Clients. As continuous technology exploration holds supreme importance in our way of work,we are able to remain up-to-date on the latest advancements in technology and thus avoid any and all obsolescence factors. This combination of technical skill, standards adherence and attention to detail gives our Clients a real competitive edge in all projects associated with us.


Web Solutions

Web Application Development 81%
Web Design & Hosting63%
Internet Marketing 85%
Brand Development90%
E-Commerce Solutions90%